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October 21, 2011
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Draft1 Bring Back The Bastard by Vizen Draft1 Bring Back The Bastard by Vizen
! WIP ! (edited, still a WIP)

I'm looking for a fitting banner for the future Bring Back the Bastard Challenge [link]
With such a concept, I'd be honoured to be part of it.

This one will not be the one, though:
I think it would be better if the banner was in a landscape format and I'm not sure that Snape would be identified enough (i.e. who knows my style will recognize him but I'm not sure about how many people know my style for Snape, that is). Third, I made something wrong at some point when I applied a textured layer (canvas-like) and I've been trying to fix it without a good result for a while and it's getting on my nerves. Plus, the full-face is a nightmare to draw in general.

If someone has a good idea for the banner, I'll take it. At the moment I'm considering a classroom scene with Snape on his desk, something like that. To show the bastard in him, of course. The basics XD.

If you have suggestions for me, I'll take them. :)
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cabepfir Nov 5, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
YOU ARE IN IT :heart:
Spinners--End says, 'Bring Back The Bastard'! [link]
RandomMumble Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it! Especially his expression - just like the bastard ready to go for the win! :thumbsup:
I think it's going to be difficult if you want to make him recognizable for everybody - some people only see Snape when they see Alan Rickman... :shrug: yet if they read the books:
When I look at him here trying to forget (for the moment) that I ever saw your other work I'd probably still see Snape - the greasy hair, the nose, the skin, the ghastly gaze (ghastly is good in my world ;P and I suppose in every Snape-maniacs world. =D), the thin lips curling into a nasty smirk, and of course the black eyes.
btw, I love the eyebrows!!
I think your Snape is loved by so many people, because you manage to draw a real canon Snape - so I'd say the identification shouldn't be a problem at all.
(When I read the title I thought 'Oh, yes, please!' =D )
oh, I like this! He looks very real - maybe it's the crooked nose?
I think this is great, actually, very moody and intense!
Perfect! Just perfect! :boogi:
Itti Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the eyes! Really fits the slogan!
Isadorabelle Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic, I love it! Do you mind if I put this on my rpg wiki? The text doesn't it as much, but it's just such a great look for (hopefully) future plans for the character, I had to ask. Here's his profile, and you'll get full credit.

Okay :)

It needs some reworking: it's not finished (the neck and hair are especially sketchy), so keep a look at the updates, and I'll post it without text in the future.
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